Tony Starlight & the Nu Wavers ’80s Experience

Tony joins forces with The Nu Wavers to take on the ’80s. Tony takes you through his personal love/hate relationship with the fashion, style and music of the most ridiculous decade in memory.

Through music and monologues Tony will:

  1. Justify buying The Human League’s “Don’t You Want Me”
  2. Try to make sense of the video for “In A Big Country”
  3. Stop the world and melt with you
  4. Reveal the worst song ever, yes, even worse than “Sweet Caroline”
  5. Explain what a boom box was
  6. Share why he briefly dressed like Bono
  7. What exactly is a “keytar” and should I be scared?
  8. Try to talk the Nu Wavers into learning at least one Judas Priest song
  9. Work through long buried issues from his teenage years
  10. Decide if it really is a nice day for a white wedding?


The second set is an ’80s dance party with Tony and The Nu Wavers, featuring ABC, The Cure, Animotion, The Pretenders, Talk Talk, INXS, Devo and more…

The Nu Wavers are Blake Sakamoto, Willow Bacon, Steve Adams, Kenny Davis and Steve Hale. They are accomplished musicians who really know how to entertain. Check out their Facebook page:



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