Never in Blue Jeans


Is there a song that is more misunderstood than Neil Diamond’s “Forever in Blue Jeans”? I don’t mean like Jimi Hendrix’s “Purple Haze” “‘scuse me while I kiss this guy…” misunderstood. We understand every word of “Forever in Blue Jeans”, but no one seems to understand the author’s meaning.



Sinatra and Jazz


Sinatra and Jazz

This will be my first year as part of the PDX Jazz Festival. Thank you! I’m very honored. They made only one request: don’t sing. I’ll be joining the Sinatra Jazz Panel Conversation: Portland Swings Sinatra with Doug Ramsey, Dave Barduin, John Gilmore, Michael Jackson & Yours Truly. I’m honored to share the stage with these talented men, and I’m sure they too are looking forward to me not singing. We’re going to be discussing the influence of Sinatra on Jazz.



Did you ever read about a frog who dreamed of being a king?


My father remarried in 2003. It was a small affair for immediate family and friends that numbered about a dozen or so. We commandeered an intimate bed and breakfast for a long summer weekend in Napa Valley. I let the family know I would be entertaining at the reception. They knew what to expect. I performed professionally for years as Tony Starlight, a Rat Pack, lounge singing crooner, but had retired from the music biz in 1999 and was busy performing in comedy theater in L.A. I didn’t miss music and it didn’t miss me. I was burnt out.


This one time at band camp…

Every year I have been asked to write a letter to the roustabout jazz-a-muffins who attend Mel Brown’s Summer Jazz Camp. I am honored that the great Mel Brown trusts me. I love the idea of shaping and molding these young minds with my superior, more experienced SUPER-BRAIN. Here is the letter that Mrs. B., the jazz camp den mother, will post in the jazz barracks of this year’s battalion of future hepcats.


The Flavor is Portland


I read Ben and Jerry’s is doing a Portland-themed flavor. There are so many choices that will reflect the multifaceted tapestry of Portland. Here are the first few ideas that popped into my head.

Hipster Holiday
Pabst Ice Cream with Matted Beard Hair and Chunks of Bitter Irony


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