The Flavor is Portland


I read Ben and Jerry’s is doing a Portland-themed flavor. There are so many choices that will reflect the multifaceted tapestry of Portland. Here are the first few ideas that popped into my head.

Hipster Holiday
Pabst Ice Cream with Matted Beard Hair and Chunks of Bitter Irony

The Kindly Commuter
Chai Infused Ice Cream with a Ribbon of Bicycle Chain Grease (Comes in a reusable travel mug)

Brain Freeze
Slurpee Ice Cream with Chunks of Voodoo Doughnuts, Pizza By The Slice, Medical Marijuana and Somethin’ I’m Tryin’ to Remember

Save The Environ-Mint Chocolate Chip
All I know is that it’s green and there’s no packaging of any kind; it’s scooped directly into your hand

The Rustic Artisan
Smoked Salmon Ice Cream Hand Churned By An Local Artist With A Post Graduate Degree in Norwegian Literature

Singing In The Rain
A Storm-y Fusion of Pink Martini and Everclear Ice Cream with a Modest Drizzle of Dandy Decemberists (This flavor is usually only sold for a profit in other towns)

West Side Mud Slide
Shade Grown Fair Trade Coffee Ice Cream Infused with An Assortment of Non-Native Nuts

A Flavor of the Month Served On A Soap Box That Needs To Be Eaten “NOW!”

Celebrate Diversity
Vanilla Ice Cream Infused with White Whine and Plenty o’ Crackers

The Tony Starlight
Canadian Club Ice Cream Infused With Equal Parts Ham and Cheese



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